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Bread & Soup of the Week:
Sourdough Bread
& Chili

Chef Rich.jpg

While Chef Liz is a Nerd-Master and is fluent in the multi-verse of Space Trivia, I am more about inner space and nothing lands better than sourdough bread and chili in October!!

Our sourdough mother has been going for more than 10 years now, and is named after my Grandmother Gladys, who was a pastry chef and sweet roll baker extraordinaire.  It has the wonderful texture you'd expect, and a light flavor that goes with nearly everything. 

Of course it's magic toasted & buttered, and served with a nice bowl of chili.  Ours has a nice flavor and bite:  spicy enough to go for seconds, but not too hot, so you'll still be able to go about your day after lunch.  :)


Image by Franzi Meyer
Beef Chili.jpg