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Bread & Sandwich of the Week:
Olive Bread and
Tuna Salad Croissant

Chef Rich.jpg

Why olive bread?  Because we're Italian!  Also because Chef Liz is distracted with her GBBO technical challenge this week, making a 5-layer savory pie, and hoping our Bakery patrons will do the same, and post the pictures, and enjoy the glory of success.  She's tossing down the gauntlet and knows many of you are crazy talented  and competitive! 


So she won't notice me making my choice of olive bread:  a crispy crust with a savory, aromatic, slightly chewy texture that is fantastic for grilled cheese.  Seriously.  You need to try this at home.

Why tuna salad?  Sure, it's a childhood comfort food, but since Chef Liz didn't invite me to compete in the GBBO, I just want to show off that I make a darn fine tuna salad.





olive bread.jpg
tuna salad sandwich.jpg
5 layer pie.jpg

The Chef Liz  GBBO Challenge:  5 Layer Savory Pie.    Can she do it?
Can you??  Let's find out:  
Send us your pictures!!!