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Afternoon High Tea

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Bread & Soup of the Week:
Cranberry Orange Braided Bread
& Cream of Asparagus Soup

Chef Rich.jpg

Rich is out on an adventure this week.... all the Rehberg siblings are on a road trip to Memphis to pay homage to Elvis, listen to music, eat barbecue, and tell tall tales.

So Chef Liz got to pick this week!

Cranberry Orange bread is a favorite because it's sweet, beautiful, fun to make, and would look excellent on your Easter Dinner table! 

Cream of Asparagus soup is a spring favorite, pairs well with the muffins and breads all week, and matches all the other pastels on your table.  :)


Chef Liz

Vertical cranberry orange braided bread.jpg
Cream of Asparagus soup.jpg
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