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Autumn Week

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Bread & Soup of the Week:
Cinnamon Swirl Bread & Autumn Wild Rice Soup

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It's the beginning of autumn, with the autumnal equinox falling on September 23rd this year. So we thought we'd start off our favorite part of the year with some spicy, warming treats that are sure to make your day!

Our cinnamon swirl bread is a perennial favorite, and we love turning this rich, decadent bread into French toast...but you can slice it and eat it fresh, too!

The autumn wild rice soup is rich, creamy, and hearty, made to warm you up as the days start to cool down. Pick up a pint (or a quart!) and enjoy with a loaf of bread or a pastry. You can't go wrong here!

You'll love it!


Chef Liz

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autumn wild rice soup.jpg
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