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Great British Bake Off - Signature Romance and
Pastry Week

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Bread & Soup of the Week:
French Bread and Beef and Noodles Soup

Chef Rich.jpg

So, we're still trying new things this week. We've had Signature Cakes and Cookies (wow, are they good) and now, for Valentine's Day, we've got romantic pastries!

You can't get anything more classic than French bread... this crusty, chewy bread makes for perfect dipping, or a sandwich, or anything, really. Super delicious!

Our soup is a hearty but light beef and noodle, with a tomato base, chunks of beef stew-meat, and veggies, this tasty soup is just what the stomach asked for! Grab a loaf of bread and enjoy the two together... a perfect romantic pairing!


Chef Liz

french bread.jpg
beef and noodle soup.jpg
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